The Survivors: A Novelette

The world has changed. So have the Survivors.

When Daniel wakes up from a disease he never knew he had, he finds a nearly empty New York City, inhabited by a small number of people, who, like him, were infected, yet lived. They are biologically immortal, yet as carriers of the deadliest pathogen in human history, they are feared and reviled by their uninfected neighbors. Under constant threat of attack, Daniel and this new community are looking for answers about what happened, and why.

Creator of the Belter language for Syfy’s hit show The Expanse.

Consultant to the forthcoming 7th edition of Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication, published by MIT Press. Responsible for the chapters on Language Variation, Language Change, and Language and the Brain. Also developed several exercises for the accompanying online workbook.

Linguistics Papers:

On Defining Clusivity, November 30, 2014

Language Learning Articles:

How to Teach Yourself a Language (Part 1), February 23, 2016

How to Teach Yourself a Language (Part 2), February 25, 2016





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