Taken as a child from a world that knows nothing beyond the Stone Age, warped by genetic engineering, compelled to slaughter against his will: Oth is the perfect killing machine, enslaved by cruel masters for dark purpose. But now, he is free…

I’m proud to announce that I’m launching a new science fiction serial, Liberator, with Bound!

Liberator is an examination of where we as a species came from, and a thought experiment about where we may be going. The tension of being caught between these two worlds is the same tension we feel today: one foot rooted in our tribal, hunter-gatherer origins, the other striding into an unknown future. Trapped by our circumstances, we need a liberator of our own.

Bound brings great storytelling to time-constrained fiction fans in a compelling new mobile format. The free app, available for iOS with an Android version coming soon, combines prose, art, and audio with community features in geeky genres ranging from sci-fi and fantasy to thrillers.

The platform features serialized stories of all types but specifically focuses on sci-fi, fantasy, and thrillers—you know, the good stuff. Debuting earlier this year with exclusive content based on the sci-fi time-traveling novel “The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.” by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland. The app also features content from acclaimed creators such as best-selling thriller author Eliot Peper, former Pixar and Telltale Games creative Stephan Bugaj, and award-winning game writer Matt Entin.




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